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New Focus on Reducing Unnecessary C-Sections in New Jersey Hospitals

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers discuss NJ hospitals and their attempt to reduce unnecessary c-sections. The risks for a cesarean delivery (c-sections) for both mothers and infants are well-documented. They include diabetes, asthma, and other breathing problems for the infant; and infection, pelvic pain, blood clots, cardiac complications and more for the mother.

Even so, this procedure has historically been performed more in New Jersey than in most other states. But now, all the hospitals that deliver babies in New Jersey – forty-nine of them – have agreed to an initiative that will ultimately reduce the number of unnecessary c-sections.

The initiative will be implemented through increased training, new clinical protocols and monitoring practices, and the use of doulas who can provide comprehensive birthing assistance. The goal is to reduce these procedures by almost one-third.

Although c-sections are sometimes necessary because of complications or risks to the mother or the infant, they are also often used as a convenience to the doctor or the patient. More than 100,000 babies are born in New Jersey every year, and there is a growing focus on maternal and infant health. The goal of reducing c-sections is one important step toward making the birth experience safer.

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