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Prevent Bicycle Accidents This Summer

New Jersey Bicycle Accident Lawyers weigh in on preventing bicycle accidents this summer. Although fewer children are being injured in bicycle accidents, a recent study has shown that 25 children an hour, on average, visit an emergency room because of an injury sustained while riding their bikes. Although most of the injuries to children are minor – such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, and fractures – there are some very serious injuries as well.

Eleven percent of the children who visit emergency rooms have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can result in cognitive impairments, problems with memory or concentration, mood swings, and depression. The risk of a brain injury is higher if a child is not wearing a helmet.

During the summer, more kids are out riding their bikes, and that means that there is also a greater potential for injury. Children aged 10 -14 are most likely to be injured in a bicycle accident, and unfortunately, they are in the age range that is least likely to wear a helmet. Boys sustain more bicycle injuries than girls.

To reduce the risk of your child being injured in a bicycle accident, make sure they wear a helmet each time they ride. They should also be taught the rules of the road, because a collision with an automobile – whether it is moving or parked – increases the level of injury.

Children should always ride on the right side of the road and use hand signals when turning. Riding on a bike path rather than a road is always a safer way to go. Even when riding on a sidewalk, children should be reminded to look for cars that may be backing out of driveways.

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