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Teen Drivers Riskier After Getting License

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers discuss teen drivers taking more risks after they get their license. Many parents look ahead with apprehension to the day when their child will begin to drive. Everyone knows that no matter how skilled a driver is, there are many on the road who drive recklessly and aggressively. A teen driver who has not yet gained the confidence and skill may be at an even greater risk for an accident. A new study suggests that parents have every reason to be concerned.

Researchers for the study used cameras and sensors to follow teen drivers over a two-year period, beginning the time they received their learner permits. During the permit phase, while a parent or another licensed driver was in the car with them, teens tended to be safer. In fact, their chances of being in a near-miss or a crash, or of exhibiting risky behavior – like speeding, slamming on the brakes, and so on – were comparable to that of adults.

However, within the first year of obtaining their license, the teens were six times more likely to crash or experience a near-miss; and they were nearly four times more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. Since teens’ risk of an accident increases dramatically after they receive their license, it would be wise for parents to accompany them whenever possible to offer guidance, and to continuously provide tips and reminders on safe driving.

The months immediately following licensure in the above study held the highest rate of crashes, near-collisions, and risky driving behaviors. Without a parent in the car, the teens had an average rate of 2.4 incidents per driver; while their parents had a rate of 1.2 incidents per driver.

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