New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers weigh in on negligent medical care for women suffering heart attacks who have a male ER doctor. If a woman suffering a heart attack is seen by a male doctor versus a female doctor in an emergency room, her chance of dying increases. That stunning information was recently discovered after a study of more than 500,000 cases. A woman stands a much better chance of surviving a heart attack, directly after and in the long term, if she is seen immediately by a female emergency room physician.

The study was divided into four categories:

  • Female doctors treating women
  • Female doctors treating men
  • Male doctors treating women
  • Male doctor treating men

In all of the four categories, the only outcome that varied was when male doctors treated female heart attack patients. Generally, about 11.9 percent of heart attack patients die in emergency rooms overall. Women, however, die 12.4 percent of the time if their doctor is a man.

Although all patients should be treated equally, there is something about this combination that increases a woman’s risk after a heart attack.

Although no one knows why for certain, theories include the idea that male physicians are not as receptive to a woman patient’s complaints as they would to be to a man’s complaints, or that women are more often misdiagnosed. The latter theory may be supported by the fact that female heart attack patients are more likely to have atypical symptoms. Further study will be warranted.

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