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Car Assistance Systems: Safer Only When Drivers Pay Attention

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers discuss vehicle safety technology and negligent drivers. More and more, modern motor vehicles are being equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems. These may include electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, adaptive cruise and traction control, and lane-departure warning. While some of these features are built into cars during manufacture, some are available as an add-on or through aftermarket purchase.

But even with all of these contemporary enhancements to driving safety, the driver must still remain focused. Although car assistance systems may improve safety, they cannot replace a driver’s diligent attention to what is happening on the road.

A series of reports recently completed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shared that none of the vehicles they tested – including Tesla’s Autopilot – were capable of driving safely on their own. Autopilot is comprised of a suite of driver-assistance features that rely on camera and radar sensors built into the car. But despite the cutting-edge technology, these features are not perfect, as demonstrated by several recent high-profile accidents, including a fatality.

Although Tesla’s technology is superior, the systems are vulnerable and are only as good as the driver, who must remain attentive throughout each ride. For example, the Autopilot’s revved up cruise control requires clearly marked lanes and does not respond to traffic signals or stop signs, so it should only be used on divided highways.

No matter how careful a driver is, and no matter what kind of high-tech features a car is equipped with, accidents can still happen. If you have been injured in a car accident, please call the New Jersey car accident lawyers at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP at 732-777-0100. You can also contact us online. We will provide the knowledgeable guidance you need to recover the compensation you need and deserve. Our offices are conveniently located in in Edison, Red Bank, and Toms River, and we represent clients throughout the state of New Jersey. 

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