New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers discuss the dangers of defective toys. Every year, more than 250,000 children are seriously injured by unsafe toys. The majority of these victims are boys, and more than 60 percent are younger than 15 years old. Although most toys sold in the United States are relatively safe, when a child you know is harmed, it can be devastating.

A defective toy can cause a wide range of injuries, from scrapes, cuts and bruises to fractures or broken bones; and from burns or puncture wounds to suffocation or strangulation. Although some children are injured because they are not appropriately supervised, the fault often lies in design or manufacturing defects, or in the use of toxic or substandard production materials.

Unfortunately, many toys are produced or assembled in parts of the world where there is little focus placed on safety. This can make it extremely difficult to learn about a defect until someone has been injured.

The types of toys that cause injury most often include rocking horses, balloons, toys with sharp or jagged edges, toys that contain magnets, and toys with cords or batteries. Numerous toys are recalled each year because of the dangers they pose.

Although some manufactures learn of a defect after a toy has been sent to market and they issue a recall, many toy defects are not discovered until someone gets hurt. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls millions of toys every year, and parents need to be vigilant about checking for recalls and examining the toys their children play with.

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