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Female Drivers More Likely to Text Behind the Wheel

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers discuss the female drivers and distracted driving. A new international study published by the Society for Risk Analysis has found that females are more likely than males to engage in distracted driving. The study, “Should I text or call here?” also found that drivers who are more experienced are less likely to engage in distracted driving. “More experienced” does not necessarily mean older, though there is likely some correlation between the two. The study found that as years of having been licensed as a driver increased, the possibility of driving while distracted decreased.

Although it is widely known that people who text and drive are six times more likely to be involved in a car accident than those who do not, many people simply cannot put their phones down. The study found that some of the reasons why people knowingly and willingly break the law and risk their own safety and the safety of others are twofold: a phenomenon known as “fear of missing out,” and separation anxiety.

Researchers identified four profiles that are most inclined to use their smart phone while driving. These four groups include: women; drivers who heavily use their phones; drivers with negative attitudes towards safety; and disinhibited drivers. Interestingly, drivers in low- and middle-income countries are much more likely to engage in distracted driving than drivers in high-income countries.

Study Findings

The study found that most of these individuals were more likely to actually talk on the phone than text while driving. Researchers found that many people believed that talking on a hands-free cell phone while driving is not a distraction because it does not divert the drivers’ eyes from the road. However, according to researchers, drivers who talk on a mobile device while driving are 2.2 times more likely to get into a car accident.

Researchers found that most drivers had some self-regulating behavior over when they use their phones in the car. For instance, some individuals only used their phones at stoplights. Others avoided using their phones on curved sections of roadway. But ultimately, researchers found that drivers are really not good at identifying when it is safe to use their phones while driving and when it is not.

Although most states now have laws prohibiting the use of smart phones while driving, the rate of distracted driving only continues to increase. The study did find that the presence of law enforcement officers was effective in deterring the dangerous behavior. The study was conducted by researchers in Australia and examined distracted driving behavior internationally.

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