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The New Jersey Turnpike is the largest toll road in New Jersey and one of the largest in the country. It stretches 148 miles, from Bergen County down to Salem County. Each day, more than 63,000 vehicles drive on the Turnpike; with connections to major access points such as the George Washington Bridge, Newark Airport, and Delaware Memorial Bridge, peak travel times see an extremely high volume of vehicles. With this many cars and trucks on the road, it is no surprise that there is a high risk for auto accidents. These accidents can result in catastrophic injury or death.

Causes of Turnpike Accidents

There are a number of circumstances that can lead to an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, including:

Drivers must be extremely careful when traveling on a high-volume, high-speed roadway such as the Turnpike. Unsafe driving behaviors can cause fatal accidents, but there are other factors outside a driver’s control that may contribute to an accident, such as:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Inclement weather
  • Road hazards such as construction

While drivers should exercise caution and obey road rules at all times, there are certain sections of the New Jersey Turnpike that are more dangerous than others. Areas around Newark, Secaucus, Cranbury, New Brunswick, and Cherry Hill have a higher risk of accidents, and the section of the Turnpike in Middlesex County consistently has the highest rate of fatalities.

Truck Accidents on the Turnpike

The Turnpike is the main passage between New York and Philadelphia and a major route for commercial trucks carrying goods. The highway connects to Port Elizabeth, the largest port on the East Coast, and there are numerous FedEx and UPS hubs up and down the state. Popular online retailers including Amazon and Newegg.com also have distribution centers in the state, which contribute to the high number of commercial vehicles on the road.

In the northern part of the state, the highway is separated into a section for cars only and a section for cars, trucks, and buses. South of exit 8, however, the roadway merges, and drivers who are not prepared for the change in traffic pattern might be at risk of an accident. Truck accidents can be considerably more deadly than accidents with smaller vehicles due to their size and weight. Tractor trailers need a longer stopping distance to avoid obstacles, and shifting or falling cargo can make them more prone to tip over.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a NJ Turnpike Accident

When an accident occurs on a high-speed roadway, the damage can be significant enough that it is difficult to reconstruct the accident. No matter the severity of the accident, drivers should notify law enforcement immediately so that they can get on the scene and write a report. If there are any injuries, they should be thoroughly documented, along with any treatment they require. Injuries may manifest in the days following the accident, as the adrenaline from the accident might conceal the initial pain.

The New Jersey Turnpike is also known as the Black Dragon. It is vital for intra- and interstate travel and for commercial shipments, but it can also be dangerous for drivers and passengers. If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has been fatally injured in an accident on the Turnpike, an experienced turnpike accident lawyer can help determine who is at fault and get you the compensation you deserve for damages incurred, medical bills, and lost wages.

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