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Millions of Americans Taking Wrong Pills for Heart Disease

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers alert consumers to medication errors regarding millions of americans taking wrong pills for heart disease.A recent study has revealed that many Americans may be taking the wrong medications to address cardiovascular disease and stroke risks. A patient’s heart attack or stroke risk is often assessed through a routine set of questions, but those questions are based on data that was gathered approximately 70 years ago from people who were between the ages of 30 and 62.

Medical care, diet, and the environment have changed significantly since the 1940s, and relying on old data may not be very helpful. There was not a large section of African-Americans included in the previous data, thus their risks for heart attack and stroke may be underestimated, and their doctors may be giving patients false reassurances about their health.

Basing health evaluations on outdated data can result a host of medication errors, such as patients being over or under-medicated. Millions of Americans take aspirin, statins, and blood-pressure-regulating medications daily. Some of them may not be getting what they need or they may be getting too much.

The equations for heart attack and stroke risk are being updated based on newer data. This could improve the accuracy of assessments. The National Institute of Health has approved these new equations, but there is no word yet on when they will be put into effect.

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