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Many workers injured on the job in New Jersey are typically covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are enough to cover medical treatment and a portion of lost earnings, but are typically insufficient to cover the full cost of damages, particularly in the event of a permanent injury or the death of your loved one. At Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP, our skilled New Jersey workplace injury attorneys have helped countless clients recover the compensation due to them after a workplace injury. We offer free consultations, and have offices conveniently located in Edison, Toms River, and Red Bank.

Examples of common workplace injuries in NJ

Our NJ personal injury law firm has decades of experience protecting the rights of people who were injured at work. Contact us immediately to discuss any type of workplace injury you may have suffered, including injuries resulting from:

Who can be sued in a third-party workplace injury lawsuit in New Jersey?

Parties who may be found negligent for workplace injuries typically include the owner of the unsafe property, or building in which the accident occurred, or the manufacturer of a defective or dangerous piece of equipment that caused the injury. Other negligent parties can include independent contractors or other subcontractors working on the site.

Under most circumstances, a regular employee is not able to sue his or her employer for a workplace injury. However, there are a few different instances where an injured worker might be able to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for work-related injuries and other losses including:

  • If your employer failed to carry a workers' compensation policy, you may be able to sue your employer to collect damages for your injuries
  • If your injury was caused by a defective product, you may have grounds to sue the manufacturer
  • If exposure to toxic chemicals or illegal substances caused your injury
  • Your injury happened because of the negligence of a third-party (not your boss or a co-worker)
  • Your employer's negligence was intentional in causing harm

These are commonly referred to as “third-party” lawsuits. If you have grounds to file a third-party personal injury lawsuit, you will likely recover much more than you would receive from workers' compensation, which only pays a partial wage-loss benefit, and will not compensate you for pain and suffering and other losses related to the injury.

How might a NJ workplace injury attorney help my case?

Pursuing your employer for damages in a workplace injury can be a complicated matter. You must be able to provide evidence that you meet the criteria mentioned above, such as your employers intended harm you, or their workers' compensation policy had lapsed. You will require the services of a qualified workplace injury attorney who is familiar with NJ law, and has experience helping many other clients before you recover the compensation they need to support themselves and their family while they recover from a workplace injury.

There is a two-year time limit from the date of the injury to pursue legal action, so it is critical that you contact Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow right away so that we can get to work representing you and protecting your right to recover compensation.

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