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New Jersey Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers: Hidden Cameras Reveal Abuse

Senior citizens and small children are the most vulnerable members of our society. During the 1990s, so-called “nanny-cams” rose in popularity and in the process, uncovered countless instances of abuse of infants and toddlers at the hands of babysitters, au pairs, and other caregivers. The same approach is also proving beneficial for the elderly population. The Safe Care Cam program recently announced by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA) provides micro-surveillance cameras for a free, 30-day trial. By enrolling, loved ones can see firsthand whether their family member is being treated properly by their caregiver. Safety advocates say that the program is a win-win – either caregiver abuse will be revealed and reported to authorities, or no caregiver » Read More

Hasbrouck Heights School Bus Crash Hospitalizes Five

A school bus crash in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey hospitalized five individuals on Tuesday morning. The collision occurred when a Subaru rear-ended a Mercedes, which was then pushed into a school bus, causing the accident. The 27-year-old woman from Wood-Ridge, New Jersey was driving the Mercedes, and was transported to the Hackensack University Medical Center for head injuries. Three students between the ages of ten and eight sustained personal injuries, and the school bus aide from Hackensack, New Jersey sustained minor injuries. Even if a school bus does not cause an accident, any school bus crash has the potential to be catastrophic. Since a school bus does not contain the same safety features as most cars, bus occupants may sustain » Read More

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Playground Safety

Playgrounds are great for both parents and children. Kids today are more “plugged in” than ever, spending most of their waking hours in front of a screen, whether it is a phone, tablet, television, or laptop. Getting fresh air and running around outside has a number of health benefits for kids, and parents can sit down and socialize with others in their community while their children play. While playgrounds are not as central as they once were in kids’ lives, the importance of outdoor play in a child’s social development and health is still undeniable. Playground Accidents Common, Despite Safety Improvements Anyone who has ever suffered from sliding down a burning hot metal slide in the summer knows that years » Read More

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Memorial Day Travel

Motorists will be hitting the road in record numbers over Memorial Day weekend as falling gas prices, a strong economy, and rising employment rates continue across the country. AAA estimates that close to 40 million people will be traveling to destinations as far as 50 miles from their homes over the holiday, which is the highest number predicted in over ten years. Unfortunately, the higher number of cars on the road increases the risk of serious and fatal car accidents. Travel safety officials are predicting this Memorial Day weekend to be one of the deadliest since 2009 with approximately 400 fatalities and 50,000 injuries expected from car accidents alone. The National Safety Council estimates that 12 percent of all traffic » Read More

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Report on Superbugs in Hospital Sinks

Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System are studying antibiotic resistant bacteria found in hospital drain pipes, sink traps, and in sink wells resulting in serious hospital acquired infections. The study followed an outbreak of the Klebsiella bacteria at the National Institute of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland that killed 11 people in 2012. The study was published in a recent edition of Applied and Environmental Biology. Researchers conducting the study used a harmful strain of E-coli bacteria that grows in ways similar to the Klebsiella bacteria found in the NIH outbreak. Scientists genetically modified the bacterium so that it glowed under fluorescent lighting, allowing the team to identify areas where the bacteria grew. They found the bacteria » Read More

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers: Defective Food Product

Food products are recalled every day for a variety of reasons. For example, the company that produced such a product may have failed to list allergens, or there may be other labelling issues. One thing is certain, unexpected food issues are a serious safety concern. If you have had a problem with a food product, how do you know whether that problem warrants legal action? Foreign Items in Food One issue that is universally understood is that no food product should contain foreign material that does not belong there. For example, there should not be a piece of metal in a cupcake, and if such a material is found, the producer is strictly liable for any harm caused by consuming » Read More

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