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Fatal Dump Truck Accident in Berkeley Heights Claimed One Life

In Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, a fatal dump truck accident claimed the life of another motorist. Around 3:30pm, on Thursday afternoon, a dump truck went through a barrier on Route 78 and crashed into two other cars leading to a fatality. A third vehicle engaged in the collision, too. The truck driver and occupants of the two other cars sustained minor injuries in the fatal dump truck accident. Accidents that involve trucks may lead to serious injuries as well as potential fatalities. Nearly 5,000 individuals per year become fatally injured while over 10,000 incur varying degrees of injuries during truck accidents. Oftentimes, truckers contribute to the crashes by engaging in distracted driving, speeding, drowsy driving, and by committing traffic violations. » Read More

Risk of Gastric Balloon Complications

Gastric balloons allow obese patients to lose weight quickly by temporarily controlling their appetite. Recently, however, concerns have surfaced over the safety of gastric balloons after several patients died. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that their deaths were related to the devices and are rolling out new safety warnings to accompany them. Balloons Are Effective, But May Carry Hidden Dangers Typically, a gastric balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach through their throat. The balloon is inflated, either with saline or gas, cutting the space available in the stomach by half and helping patients feel full sooner. Patients need to take in less food to feel satisfied, allowing them to lose weight. The balloon remains in the » Read More

Carlstadt Multi-Vehicle Accident on New Jersey Turnpike Fatally Injures Victim

A victim sustained fatal injuries after a multi-vehicle accident occurred in Carlstadt, New Jersey. On Wednesday evening, around 5:30pm, the car crash took place on the New Jersey Turnpike and involved four vehicles. No other information regarding the condition of other parties in the Carlstadt multi-vehicle accident was available. Rush-hour traffic oftentimes contributes to serious collisions that may bring about a spate of injuries as well as potential fatalities. Speeding, road rage, distracted driving, and drowsy driving may also factor into the possibility of a motor vehicle accident. A multi-vehicle accident may occur if more than one vehicle engages in a crash or one accident spurs on additional collisions, which may bring devastating results. If you or your loved ones » Read More

Holmdel School Bus Accident Injures Several Victims During Field Trip

A school bus accident in Holmdel, New Jersey injured several victims on Wednesday morning. Around 11am, the bus crash occurred on Route 34 when one school bus rear-ended another and left seven children with minor injuries. The bus occupants from a girls’ summer camp in Long Branch, New Jersey were traveling to a bowling alley for a field trip during the Holmdel school bus accident. During the spring and summer, school bus accidents may take place on a more frequent basis due to numerous scheduled field trips with both schools and camps. Since the horrific school bus crash in May that caused the fatalities of a student and teacher as well as serious injuries for another student, the scrutiny of » Read More

Certain Medications Linked to Depression

Many Americans may be taking medications that have the potential to cause depression and increase the risk of suicide. A recent study found that up to one-third of adults in the United States may be affected. Because many of these medications are common and have nothing to do with to depression, both patients and healthcare providers may be unaware of the connection. After research that studied the medication use patterns of 26,000 adults between 2005 and 2014, it was discovered that over 200 common prescription drugs list depression or suicide as potential side effects. These drugs included hormonal birth control medications, proton pump inhibitors, blood pressure, and heart medications, painkillers, and antacids. The study also found that concurrent use, called » Read More

Never Ignore a Car Recall

A vehicle with a defect that is serious enough to result in a recall can be like a ticking timebomb; yet as many as 30 percent go unrepaired every year. Considering there are millions of recalled vehicles each year, including 53 million in 2016 alone, that adds up to a great many dangerous cars on the road. Those who continue to drive a recalled vehicle without the necessary repair put their own lives, the lives of their passengers, and others on the road at grave risk for a serious car accident. A car can be recalled for a wide variety of reasons, from minor to major. Some of those auto defects can be very serious in nature. Several years ago, » Read More

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