Medication Errors

Representing Victims Injured by Medication Errors

Doctors and hospitals are required to know what prescription medications you are on before prescribing additional medication. Similarly pharmacists must not fill a prescription they should know may be dangerous to a patient. Dangerous interaction between various pharmaceutical products results in serious injuries to thousands of Americans every year. In addition, your doctor must know the harmful side effects of prescription medications and whether your health condition or medical history puts you in danger of injury from unexpected effects.

If you have suffered medical injury because of taking a medication prescribed by your doctor in New Jersey, talk to a New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP, We are a team of leading trial attorneys with a strong record of recovering significant money damages for people harmed by improper prescription medications, harmful drugs and other acts of medical negligence.

Contact a NJ med/mal lawyer if you have suffered injury, or lost a family member because of a harmful prescription drug or other act of physician negligence such as:

  • Addiction to pain medication administered as part of your postoperative care
  • Continued prescription after you reported harmful side effects
  • Excessive prescribed dosage, overdose injuries
  • Misdiagnosis of a medical condition, resulting in improper harmful prescription drugs
  • Prescribed a drug under recall or with recognized harmful side effects
  • Wrong medication administered during a hospital stay

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