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Whether you have been a victim of fraud, or if you have suffered financial loss because of a defective product, or have been injured from a defective medical device, you may qualify to become a part of a class action against the corporation that is liable for your injuries and losses.

New Jersey class action lawyers at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP have over three decades of experience representing clients in class action lawsuits. We are here to advise you on your legal options for proceeding with a class action.

What is a class action?

A class action suit allows a large group of people to come together and sue a company or entity that has caused them harm or injury. The Cornell Legal Information Institute defines a class action: “A class action is a procedural device that permits one or more plaintiffs to file and prosecute a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or “class”. Put simply, the device allows courts to manage lawsuits that would otherwise be unmanageable if each class member (individuals who have suffered the same wrong at the hands of the defendant) were required to be joined in the lawsuit as a named plaintiff.”

The class action finds its origins in English common law as a method for the efficient handling of a lawsuit with several plaintiffs against the same defendant. A good example of a class action might be a defective product lawsuit. Hundreds, if not thousands of consumers might have the same compliant about an injury, an adverse side effect from using a product, or taking a medication. Rather than everyone filing their own lawsuits, one class action is filed using a lead plaintiff who will stand in for all the members of the class, which must be certified by the court. Once the lawsuit has been certified as a class action, the lead plaintiff must notify all the members of the class.

How is a class action different from a civil lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit typically has a single plaintiff (the person filing the lawsuit) against one or more defendants (the person or persons against whom the lawsuit is being filed). In a class action, the class refers to a group of people with similar complaints against the same defendant.

Who can file a class action?

A person who has suffered an injury, whether it be a physical injury or a financial loss which might be shared by many other people can file a lawsuit to recover compensation. If you believe that you have grounds for a class action, you can schedule a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey class action lawyer who will listen to your story and advise you on your legal options.

Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP secures $30 million in class action against OSRAM Sylvania, Inc.

Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP has secured numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of plaintiffs in class action suits. In 2015, OSRAM Sylvania, Inc. settled the class action against them for $30 million. The action was brought on behalf of consumers who purchased Sylvania’s top-of-the-line SilverStar headlamps, which promised increased visibility, and which cost significantly more than standard auto headlamps.

Consumer fraud and class action lawsuits

Class Actions are typically filed by victims of consumer fraud. People who were defrauded into purchasing products that did not meet packaging claims may have grounds to file a class action lawsuit. If you have been a victim of deceitful advertising and business practices, you could be entitled to compensatory and punitive damages under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Our attorneys have handled class actions for clients in New Jersey and throughout the country. Some of our more notable verdicts and settlements include:

  • $3.75 billion national settlements on behalf of consumers who took Fen-Phen.
  • $51 million verdict against multiple drug manufacturers which had been overcharging Medicare and Medicaid recipients in Pennsylvania.
  • $41.5 million settlement on behalf of Zetia and Vytorin users, after those drugs had no positive effects on their health at all.
  • Undisclosed settlement amount on behalf of consumers who were overcharged by DCH Auto Group.

Consulting with an experienced NJ class action lawyer can ensure that your legal rights are protected

There are many benefits to a class action lawsuit, but to ensure that proper filing procedures and notification requirements are met, you will need to consult with an experienced New Jersey class action lawyer. At Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP, we are dedicated to helping all plaintiffs claim the justice and compensation they are entitled to under the law.

Legal terminology, knowledge of the law, awareness of filing deadlines, and other procedural issues are essential to a successful certification of a class action suit by the court. Our New Jersey class action lawyers know what is expected and are committed to providing our clients with sound counsel and skilled representation.

Handling class action and mass tort claims in NJ

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