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New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers Report on LuLaRoe Lawsuit

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” We have all heard or uttered those words at one time or another while lamenting the lack of quality in some of the products we purchase today. Though when is a lack of quality bad enough to warrant a lawsuit? Anytime you pay for a product that does not live up to its promises because the quality is poor, it poses safety concerns, or for any other reason that makes the purchase not worth the investment, you deserve remuneration. A current case in point involves LuLaRoe, a multi-level marketer to millennials. The company sells their signature brightly-colored leggings and other apparel at sales parties hosted by fashion consultants. According to a recent » Read More

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers: Defective Food Product

Food products are recalled every day for a variety of reasons. For example, the company that produced such a product may have failed to list allergens, or there may be other labelling issues. One thing is certain, unexpected food issues are a serious safety concern. If you have had a problem with a food product, how do you know whether that problem warrants legal action? Foreign Items in Food One issue that is universally understood is that no food product should contain foreign material that does not belong there. For example, there should not be a piece of metal in a cupcake, and if such a material is found, the producer is strictly liable for any harm caused by consuming » Read More

New Jersey Consumer Fraud Lawyers Notice Increase in “Imposter Scams”

Consumer fraud is rampant, and most people are careful to take measures to protect themselves. But as people become more savvy about this kind of crime, those who commit these acts find new and creative ways to take advantage of victims. “Imposter scams” are on the rise. If you have ever received a call from someone pretending to be a friend or a relative in dire need of money fast, then you may have been an intended victim of an imposter scam. There are many types of fraud that can affect consumers. In 2016 alone there were more than three million complaints filed to the Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN), an online database for consumer complaints used by law enforcement agencies. » Read More

Horizon Fined Over $1 Million for Failing to Protect Customer Information

On Friday, the New Jersey State Attorney General’s office announced that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield would be fined over $1 million for failing to protect customers’ personal information. In 2013, two company laptops were stolen from their company headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. Customer information contained on the laptops included names, addresses, birthdates, insurance identification numbers, some Social Security numbers, and limited medical information, which apparently was not encrypted. The state Division of Consumer Affairs discovered the lack of encryption for the personal information. It was also found that the employees whose laptops were stolen should never have had access to the confidential customer information in the first place. Now Horizon must pay over $1 million in penalties for » Read More

Yahoo Warns Users About Malicious Account Activity

Yahoo is warning users about malicious account activity after the discovery that hackers infiltrated accounts via forged cookies. An investigation showed evidence of this latest data breach, which puts the financial and health care records, as well as privacy information of users, in jeopardy. It is suspected that since the intruders developed this series of viable cookies, it means that they may have also stolen parts of Yahoo’s supposedly secure network infrastructure. The personal data, reached by the forged cookies, is located, and then sold on the black market. Although Yahoo invalidated the cookies and regularly monitors and upgrades their security measures, they fear that there may be additional data breaches if the hackers do indeed have access to their » Read More

Dentist Fined for Portraying Deceased Colleague

A dentist from Short Hills, Essex County, New Jersey was fined for portraying a deceased colleague by the Inspector General of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The 58-year-old dentist will be fined over $1 million for impersonating another dentist and for submitting false bills to Medicaid. A 50-year exclusion from participating in federal health care programs was also imposed on the perpetrator. Back in 1999, the dentist’s license was originally revoked for billing concerns, and then in 2004, his license was permanently suspended for continuing to run his practice. From 2005 to 2012, he continued running his practice that contained several locations in Essex County, Hudson County, and Union County. In 2012, he was charged for health » Read More

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