Birth Control Pills Recalled Amid Faulty Packaging

New Jersey Medical Product Liability Lawyer alert consumers to a birth control recall due to faulty packaging. An American drug manufacturer recently issued a nationwide recall for its birth control product, fearing that misplaced capsules in its pill packages could result in unintended pregnancies.

The packages should have contained 24 capsules with hormones, followed by four placebo capsules – but that sequence was mistakenly reversed during packaging. The order of the pills may not be noticed by consumers – especially new users – even though the two types of capsules are different colors. This could place users at risk for contraceptive failure.

Drug recalls do not happen often, but they do happen. These are a few of the worst:

  • Baycol – After four years on the market this drug, prescribed to patients with high cholesterol, was recalled by Bayer, its manufacturer. The drug reportedly caused more than 100,000 deaths and was connected to a muscle disorder that caused the kidneys to clog with protein from dying or dead muscle tissue.
  • Vioxx – Manufactured by Merck, the recall of this arthritis pain reliever was one of the largest prescription recalls in history. As many as 140,000 people suffered from heart attacks or strokes after taking this drug.
  • Bextra – Created to treat arthritis and other inflammation in the body, this drug was recalled by Pfizer after it was on the market for one year. It was associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke in some patients and was also found to cause a fatal skin condition.

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