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Aggressive representation for those injured in car accidents in NJ

At some point the average driver NJ will likely get into a car accident. Accidents happen, and fortunately most people walk away with few minor injuries and the inconvenience of car repairs or insurance forms. But every year in New Jersey, more than 500 people are killed in serious car accidents, with thousands more injured. A serious car accident injury or death of a loved one will mean more than just minor doctor’s bills. A catastrophic injury or wrongful death will impact the victim’s life and the family forever.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injury in a car accident on a New Jersey public road or toll highway, such as the New Jersey Turnpike, I-78, or the Garden State Parkway, talk to a NJ car accident lawyer at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP, right away. We offer a no-cost consultation to evaluate the circumstances of your accident to determine whether you have options for pursuing damages above what the insurance company will offer.

What type of car accident caused your injury?

Of course, there are endless numbers of ways two vehicles can crash into each other. From a fender bender in a parking lot to a high-speed crash on a highway, the type of auto accident will dictate what types of injuries to a large degree, and the speed at which the vehicles were traveling when they collided will have a significant impact on the severity of the injuries.

What are some examples of the different types of car crashes?

  • Rear-end crash. This often results from the rear vehicle following too closely and failing to notice that the car ahead has come to an unexpected stop and the rear vehicle crashes into the one in front of it.
  • T-bone or broadside crash. This type of crash occurs when one vehicle crashes into the side of another. A side-impact crash often occurs at an intersection.
  • Head-on collision. This occurs when two vehicles crash into each other front end to front end. A head-on crash is not very common, but there is a high probability that there will be significant injuries or even a fatality.
  • Multi-car (chain reaction) crash. These crashes can occur on the highway or on surface streets, and they occur when one vehicle rear ends the vehicle in front of them, and then that vehicle crashes into the next and so on. Multi-car crashes can occur in dense for or other low-visibility conditions.
  • Rollover crashes are more common in tall vehicles such as SUVs, which tend to have a higher center of gravity making them prone to rollover if the driver turns too quickly. Rollover crashes can be deadly especially for passengers who are not wearing seat belts.

Regardless of the complexity of the crash or the number of vehicles involved, the competent attorneys from Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow are here to represent you and fight for fair compensation when someone else's negligence caused your injuries.

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What are some common car accident injuries in NJ?

Depending on the severity of the crash, there are many types of injuries that a person might sustain. The following are a few of the serious injuries that can occur after a car crash:

These injuries are some of the more serious injuries, but some injuries can be hidden at first. It is vital that you seek medical attention immediately if you have been involved in a car accident even if you believe that you are walking away unscathed. Some head injury or internal organ injuries may take a day or two or even a week to become symptomatic. If you plan to pursue compensation, you must have medical records that document the care you have received after the crash. When you work with an experienced NJ car accident attorney from Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, you can be confident that we will gather all the evidence required to develop a strong case on your behalf.

NJ car accident lawyers

Car accident statistics and notoriously dangerous local roadways

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) reports that there were 270,231 total traffic crashes with 61,753 injuries and 591 fatalities in 2017. The top five counties for traffic fatalities in 2017 include:

  • Middlesex County: 39
  • Burlington County: 35
  • Camden County: 32
  • Essex County: 29
  • Ocean County: 27

A list of the ten most dangerous stretches of road in New Jersey was also compiled by The data analyzed did not include toll roads such as the Garden State Parkway as they are maintained by independent agencies that do not report crash numbers to the NJDOT:

  1. Route 440, Edison: King George Road to New Brunswick Ave. had 175 crashes
  2. I-80, Paterson: Between New Street and Spring Street there were 181 crashes
  3. Route 1, Edison: Between Fulton Street and Old Post Road there were 214 crashes
  4. I-295, Haddon Heights to Barrington: From Blackhorse Pike to Copley Road there were 223 crashes
  5. Route 22 through Union Township: From Kohel Avenue to Madison Avenue there were 225 crashes
  6. I-78N Newark: Between Frelinghuysen Avenue and the NJ Turnpike there were 227 crashes and one fatality
  7. Route 27, Linden: From Stuart Place to Sheridan Avenue there were 223 crashes
  8. Route 37, Toms River: From Bowling Green Drive to Douglas Court there were 246 crashes
  9. Route 18, East Brunswick: Between Wallace Street and the New Jersey Turnpike there were 252 crashes
  10. Route 17, Paramus: Between Powers Drive and Sunflower Avenue there were 253 accidents

A note about uninsured driver accidents reports that an estimated 14.9% of New Jersey drivers were driving uninsured in 2017, which ranks the Garden state at 14th in the U.S. for the percentage of uninsured drivers. That is a startling number of drivers on our roads who are uninsured or do not carry adequate limited tort liability to cover the full extent of damages for injured parties. That often means that the injured party will have to sue his or her own underinsured motorist (UIM) policy for full coverage.

Fighting your own insurance company for full and fair compensation can be as difficult and frustrating as fighting the other driver’s auto insurance. We have an excellent record of helping people obtain maximum compensation from their own insurance policy coverage. If you know you will be filing a claim against your UIM coverage, talk to us first. We will explain your options for recovery.

How can a New Jersey car accident attorney help my case?

When you have sustained serious injuries in a car crash, and you want to pursue compensation from the party who is at-fault, a skilled NJ auto accident attorney from Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow will serve as a strong advocate for you. Being able to prepare a compelling case to prove the other party’s liability, and then negotiate the most favorable settlement requires skills gained from years of helping many other clients before you recover a favorable settlement or jury verdict.

If you are recovering from an injury, your time is best spent resting getting healthy while we pursue your case. Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow is recognized as a leading New Jersey personal injury law firm. Our attorneys do not accept frivolous lawsuits for minor injuries. Insurance companies know that the cases we prepare have merit. Our car accident lawyers back up our integrity with a record of securing hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in personal injury and auto accident cases over our 10-year history.

Experienced New Jersey car accident lawyers on your side

From offices in EdisonRed Bank, and Toms River, our lawyers advise and represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation matters throughout New Jersey. From wherever you are, call our office at 732-777-0100 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation with an experienced NJ car accident lawyer at an office nearest to you.

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