New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers weigh in on new mom care and birth injuries in hospitals. A recent investigation has uncovered shocking news about the safety of new mothers who give birth in hospitals throughout the United States. Although most women give birth without any serious problems, nearly 50,000 each year do suffer a severe injury, and about 700 die.

The investigation, which was performed by USA TODAY, found that with better care, about half of the birth-related injuries to mothers could be reduced or eliminated, and nearly half of the deaths could be prevented. Yet as other countries improve in this capacity, the United States falls behind in quality care.

There are many reasons for this failure, but many point to a lack of attention to safety recommendations and a vast failure to protect new mothers. For example, in many hospitals – both large and small – less than 50 percent of women were treated promptly for high blood pressure that could have caused a stroke. And at certain hospitals, less than 15 percent got appropriate care.

During interviews, many hospital representatives conceded that they had failed to take proper safety precautions for women going through child birth. Although failure to monitor blood pressure was one serious problem, there were others – including women who bled internally and died from blood loss.

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