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Traffic Light Countdown Timers

A recent study found that countdown timers on traffic lights that let motorists know when a light will turn from green to yellow leads to safer responses and fewer car accidents. The study was conducted by researchers at Oregon State University. The research aims for a better understanding of the gray area in red light reaction time—known as the “dilemma zone.” This is the period of time when a driver is not sure whether to stop or keep going through the light. Traffic Signal Countdown Timers Traffic signal countdown timers, also known as TSCTs, are clocks that show drivers exactly how long the light will remain either red, yellow, or green. It looks like a digital clock display. Many Americans » Read More

Multi-Truck Crash in Mount Olive Fatally Injures Two Victims

A multi-truck crash caused two fatalities on Wednesday afternoon in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Around 4:30 pm, the truck accident occurred on Route 80, and involved a pickup truck, a dump truck, and a box truck. Apparently, the dump truck had a tire blow-out, crossed the center median, and then struck the pickup truck and box truck, before overturning. The two victims in the multi-truck crash who were from Hackettstown, New Jersey were traveling in the pickup truck. Oftentimes, on congested roads, one collision could lead to multiple accidents due to contributing factors like distracted driving, speeding or recklessly driving around the accident site. Motorists and passengers involved in a multi-vehicle accident may sustain injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic » Read More

Slip and Fall Accidents Caused by Flooring

Broken and hazardous flooring is one of the top causes of slip and fall accidents. In fact, the National Floor Safety Institute names hazardous flooring as the leading cause of more than one million emergency-room visits for slip and fall injuries every year. CNA, an insurance and risk management services provider recently revealed that tested floors in 50 percent of the sites they surveyed failed to produce a dynamic coefficient of friction level above the minimum threshold. This suggests that the fall prevention programs that many businesses employ are not considering the effects of flooring selection and ongoing maintenance on slip resistance. The most common injuries that occur during a slip and fall involve the neck, back, and spinal cord. » Read More

Winter Driving Hazards

According to the United States Department of Transportation, every year, winter weather conditions are responsible for over 1.3 million accidents. These winter weather-related car accidents result in over 7,000 fatalities, and 800,000 injuries. The following are factors that contribute to winter weather-related car accidents, and how to prevent them from happening. Ice and Black Ice When the surface temperature of a damp road drops below freezing, the road quickly becomes covered in a thin sheet of ice, known as black ice. Black ice looks like the roads are wet, not frozen. Even if it is not freezing cold outside, the ground temperature may be colder than the air, causing ice to linger on the roads. Icy roads prevent the best » Read More

Woman Seriously Injured After Car Plows Into Fairfield Hair Salon

A woman sustained serious leg injuries after a car plowed into a hair salon in Fairfield, New Jersey. The 60-year-old woman from Totowa, New Jersey was leaving the hair salon when a car, driven by an 81-year-old woman, slammed into the store, and caused the customer injuries as well as significant property damage to the building. The driver escaped the accident unscathed. If motorists lose control of their cars or neglect to see a pedestrian in the path, the pedestrian could be in grave danger. Traffic laws protect pedestrians when they are traveling along congested roads, but drivers may be unaware or oblivious to their presence. A pedestrian may incur personal injuries or potential fatalities if hit by a car » Read More

Volvo’s Zero Accident Vision

Founded in 1927, Volvo has a long history of putting safety first in their vehicles. Volvo Trucks has recently announced its Zero Accident Vision, an idyllic vison of a world where Volvo trucks are never involved in truck accidents. Despite their high hopes, the people at Volvo are realistic. They estimate that 1.2 million people are fatally injured worldwide in accidents on roads every year. They also recognize that approximately 90 percent of all accidents are caused by human factors, and know that a change of mindset is needed to make safety the top priority. For its Zero Accident Vision, Volvo is calling on the involvement of politicians, public authorities, and experts at universities and research labs to come up » Read More

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