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$3,350,000 Million Recovery for Brain Damage to Mother During Birth

William O. Crutchlow, Esq. of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP with offices in Edison, Toms River and Red Bank, New Jersey recently accomplished a $3,350,000 settlement for a woman who suffered brain damage due to massive blood loss after giving birth. Our client was in her mid-thirties when she underwent an elective caesarean section to deliver a healthy baby boy. The procedure was done to avoid potential complications from a previously diagnosed placental abnormality. Shortly after giving birth, the patient started to bleed heavily. The operating Obstetrician and the Anesthesiologist on the case were slow to appreciate the significance of the bleeding and failed to act promptly to call for help or to replace lost blood products and fluids. Our client lost a massive amount of blood before going into cardiac arrest and losing blood flow to her brain for several minutes. She was resuscitated, but had sustained significant brain damage leaving her permanently physically and cognitively impaired. A settlement was reached with the Obstetrician, the Anesthesiologist and the hospital where the delivery occurred.