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$900,000 Settlement for Injuries During Gall Bladder Surgery

William O. Crutchlow, Esq. of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP with offices in Edison, Toms River and Red Bank, New Jersey recently settled a case for a woman in her thirties who was injured when a portion of her gall bladder was left behind during attempted gall bladder removal surgery. The error was not recognized at the time of surgery and went undiagnosed for several days. By the time the problem was identified, the retained portion of the gall bladder was necrotic, bile and digestive fluids had leaked into the abdomen and widespread infection had set in. Our client became severely ill, was transferred to the care of new doctors at a different hospital for corrective surgery, was placed on a ventilator and was in intensive care for several days. She recovered, but has been left with significant scarring, abdominal wall damage and intestinal dysfunction.