Car Accidents Caused by Failure to Yield

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers discuss failure to yield accidents. All drivers have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road. Unfortunately for some drivers, being aware of the law does not necessarily mean that they will obey the rules of the road and follow the law.

This can cause major problems on our roadways. For example, if a motorist fails to yield to another vehicle that has the right of way, it can cause a car accident that may result in serious injuries and significant property damage.

Failure to yield accidents tend to occur in the following situations:

  • When there is a flashing red or yellow light
  • When a driver who is making a left turn fails to yield to oncoming traffic
  • When a vehicle is aggressively merging into highway traffic
  • When a driver fails to yield to other vehicles when pulling out of a driveway
  • When a driver fails to yield to a pedestrian crossing the street in a designated crosswalk


If motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians are injured as the result of another driver’s failure to yield, they can sue for economic and non-economic damages, including medical bills, lost wages, vocational rehabilitations, disfigurement, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.

If they are physically able, it is recommended that the victim take pictures of the damage to both vehicles, and that both parties exchange insurance information. If witnesses were present, their contact information should be collected so they can provide police with important information about the accident. Victims should avoid speaking to the other party’s insurer as they are protecting the interests of the person responsible for the crash.

Rules About Stopping

Motorists should not attempt to beat a yellow light that is about to turn red. Unless they are already in the intersection, it is recommended that drivers slow down when approaching a yellow light.

Moreover, motorists must always stop in the following situations:

  • At an intersection where there is a stop sign
  • At an intersection where there is a red light, or a flashing red light
  • If a traffic officer is signaling motorists to stop
  • When a school bus has its red lights flashing and children are getting on or off the bus
  • When pulling out of a driveway, alley, or parking lot
  • When approaching a bridge that is about to open for boat traffic
  • When a blind pedestrian is crossing the street using a walking cane, a trained guide dog, or an instructor is training a guide dog.

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