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Allergy Meds Can Lead to Drugged Driving

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers discuss allergy medication and drugged driving. Anyone who has dealt with the sneezing, coughing, headache, scratchy throat, and the itchy, watery eyes associated with allergies knows how intense the suffering can be. That is why so many are quick to take an allergy medication that promises to relieve the symptoms.

While allergy sufferers may be willing to endure the drowsy, foggy effects that may also come with the relief these medications provide, they do not always think about the impact those drugs can have on driving. But now medical experts are warning allergy sufferers that the consequences of medication can potentially lead to deadly drowsy driving accidents.

Allergy medications can have a significant impact on driving. Certain drugs can slow reaction time, can cause blurriness in the eyes, and may even have a sedative effect.

Even though allergy medications are legal, driving under their influence can be considered “drugged driving” by law enforcement. Many doctors are now recommending that allergy sufferers use medication only for the specific symptoms they have. For example, certain eye drops will relieve itchy eyes, and aspirin or acetaminophen can help an allergy-related headache.

Allergy sufferers should also keep in mind that many allergy drugs can have toxic interactions with alcohol, causing fainting, drowsiness, and nausea – even when the alcohol and medication are not ingested at the same time. This could spell disaster if these effects occur behind the wheel.

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