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$1,025,000 Settlement for Death of Bicyclist in Truck Accident

The Estate of Steven Allen, et al. v. Go Pro Waste Services, et al.

On July 29, 2020, 26-year-old Steven Allen, Jr. was riding his bicycle on Evergreen Place and Freeway Drive in East Orange. After waiting at the corner for the right of way, he began to cross the street.  As he did, a dumpster hauling Mack Truck owned by Go Pro Waste Services made a right hand turn onto the street Mr. Allen was crossing. The truck struck Mr. Allen on his left side, knocking him and his bicycle to the ground, and proceeded to run over him.

A second vehicle, a Ford Econoline Van owned and operated by one Terry Christie then also ran over Mr. Allen. Mr. Allen was pronounced dead at the scene.

Plaintiffs retained a mechanical engineer, an accident reconstructionist, an economist and a pain and suffering expert to review the facts and offer opinions.

Defendants each settled for their respective policy limits; $1,000,000 from Defendant Go Pro Waste Services and $25,000 from Defendant Christie.