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$2,000,000 Settlement for Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

William O. Crutchlow, Esq. of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP with offices in Edison and Toms River, New Jersey has resolved a case for $2,000,000 on behalf of his clients, a woman in her fifties and her husband, arising from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that developed from a wound caused by an improper surgical dressing applied to her calf following ankle surgery. Our client underwent routine ankle surgery for a ligament injury performed by an Orthopedist following which the doctor’s Physician Assistant negligently crafted and applied a splint/bandage complex to her foot, ankle, and calf. The dressing caused excessive pressure on the back of her calf resulting in a substantial wound prior to it being removed several days following surgery. The wound required further surgery, maggot therapy and a skin graft to close. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the wound, our client developed a severe, disabling case of CRPS effecting the involved leg, ankle and foot. She has undergone lengthy pain management, nerve blocks, medication treatments, spinal cord stimulator therapy, physical therapy and holistic treatment modalities in her ongoing, but unsuccessful effort to improve her condition. Mr. Crutchlow’s client remains disabled with chronic pain and weakness, has lost her ability to enjoy many of her prior hobbies and pursuits and is unable to return to her job in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Crutchlow retained experts in Orthopedic Surgery, Physician Assistant practice, Pain Management/CRPS and Economics in the prosecution of this case on behalf of his clients.