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$4,000,000 Settlement in Scaffolding Collapse Case

Barry R. Eichen, Esq., managing partner of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP, along with partner Christopher J. Conrad, Esq., secured a $4.0 million dollar settlement in a scaffolding-collapse case.

Plaintiff Feliciano Casteneda-Delfino, along with his co-employees, erected a ladder-jack scaffolding apparatus under the supervision of his employer, Penn Roofing.  Plaintiff alleged the scaffolding was constructed using dilapidated and unsafe ladders provided by Penn Roofing.

Plaintiff brought suit against his employer, the owner of the property, and the property management company hired by the property owner and which retained supervision and control over the worksite, Defendant James E. Hanson Management Company.  Plaintiff alleged Defendant James E. Hanson Management Company was aware of the lack of safety precautions utilized by Penn Roofing not only on this site, but on prior work sites as well and therefore, hired an incompetent contractor.

The dilapidated equipment and lack of personal fall protection caused Plaintiff to fall approximately 30 feet to the pavement below and suffer a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury.

Defendant James E. Hanson Management Company argued they had no control over the worksite nor had any reason to believe Penn Roofing was an incompetent contractor.

The settlement was reached two weeks prior to an October 7, 2022 trial date.

Defendant James E. Hanson Management Company was represented by Colleen M. Ready, Esq. of Margolis Edelstein.


Consolidated Docket No.: ESX-L-1429-16