Defective Power Tools

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Defective Power Tools

Defective power tools and machinery are often identified as the cause of serious injuries or death in accidents on the job as well as accidental injuries occurring in private individuals’ garages or homes. Power tool defects are sometimes attributable to a manufacturer, and sometimes to someone else, such as a marketer, a supervisor, a repair or maintenance company, or a previous user. Examples of power tool defects that have injured users include:

  • Cracked wheel on grinders, cutters, polishers and buffers
  • Damaged power cords
  • Loose attachments on air compression-powered pneumatic tools
  • Malfunctioning safety switches
  • Missing fluid in hydraulic power tools
  • Missing safety guards
  • Power jacks not lubricated

Have you suffered a serious injury such as the following as a result of a power tool defect?

If your injury through use of a defective power tool happened on the job, you may assume that you have a Workers’ Compensation claim. While this is most likely true, it is also very important to determine whether you have a third-party liability claim versus the tool’s manufacturer, a repair facility, a subcontractor or someone else other than your employer.

On the other hand, if your accident occurred at home, you may believe that it was “all your fault.” We urge you not to give yourself legal advice any more than you would give yourself medical advice after a serious injury.

An experienced plaintiff’s attorney can best determine who should be held responsible for a defective power tool accident by beginning a detailed investigation as soon as possible. If you wait too long, key evidence may be lost. Learn your rights after an accident involving a defective power tool. Do not try to determine who is liable or how much your injury is worth in terms of dollars and cents without asking a knowledgeable lawyer to review your case. Arrange a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey products liability lawyer at one of our branch offices nearest to you.

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