New Jersey Train Accident Lawyers: Long Island Railroad Commuter Train Derails

Early this morning, during rush hour, a Long Island Railroad (LIRR) commuter train derailed in Brooklyn, New York, causing personal injuries for many passengers. As many as 100 passengers sustained non-life-threatening injuries while aboard the train. According to New York’s Office of Emergency Management, the train, allegedly traveling at a very low speed, apparently hit the platform on the LIRR Track 6 or a bumper. One passenger heard a large thump, and then chaos broke out with passengers falling on top of one another, screaming and crying. The train carried about 600 passengers. Officials will conduct an investigation regarding the cause of the train crash.

Train accidents occurring during any time are dangerous to passengers and others present around the station. However, during the daily commute, the danger increases. Due to a commuter train’s girth and size, even the most experienced conductor may be unable to stop it safely if it accelerates too fast or unexpectedly derails.

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