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Distracted driving is a deadly behavior that claimed 3,450 lives in 2016. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Distraction comes in many forms, but the one that gets the most attention because it is so pervasive is texting behind the wheel. Driving requires all the driver’s attention. When a driver tries to perform other activities while he or she is driving, it can increase the chance of causing a crash. Driving is a privilege, and every licensed driver owes a duty of care to the other drivers with whom he or she shares the roadways. Texting while driving or performing other tasks which distract the driver’s attention from driving is considered negligence. We have a civil justice system to hold negligent people accountable when they injure innocent people with their reckless behavior.

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New Jersey distracted driving laws

New Jersey’s distracted driving laws are among the toughest in the nation. Drivers must use hands-free cellphones while driving and are prohibited from the use of video or texting while driving. Drivers with learner’s permits or under the age of 21 are prohibited from using hand-held or wireless cellphones, texting devices, or any wireless electronic devices, including iPods.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation reports that there were 1,668 crashes attributed to hand-held cell phone use, and 1,903 crashes from hands-free cell phone use, which is a total of 3, 517 cell-phone use-related crashes. In those accidents, 1,401 people were injured and five were killed.

Our NJ accident lawyers can obtain cellphone records to determine if the other driver was using a cellphone or texting in the moments before an accident. If the other driver was distracted, your case for holding them liable for your injuries will become a lot stronger.

What is considered distracted driving?

Whatever activity a driver might be engaged in while also operating a motor vehicle is considered distracted driving.

There are three general categories of driver distractions:

  • Visual
  • Manual
  • Cognitive

Some common examples of driver distractions include:

  • Texting or talking on a cell phone
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Turning the dial on the sound system
  • Engaging with a GPS
  • Interacting with other people in the vehicle

Of all the factors that can lead to a car crash, distracted driving is one of the most frustrating because it is completely preventable. Texting while driving in particular is so problematic because it comprises all three types of distractions in one. Here are some alarming numbers for you regarding the dangers of distracted driving:

  • 25% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused by distracted drivers. (The true number is probably higher because distracted driving is woefully under-reported)
  • Distracted driving is responsible for more than 58% of teen driving crashes
  • Nine people are killed in the U.S. every day because of distracted drivers
  • It takes only 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur
  • Over 80% of drivers admit to blatantly hazardous behavior while driving such as changing clothes, steering with a foot, painting nails, or shaving.
  • Texting while driving results in 400% more time with a driver’s eyes off the road
  • Texting while driving increases the chance of a crash by 23 times, even if it’s an accident caused by another driver


Proving fault in a distracted driving crash

A forensic investigations firm reports that some form of distraction has always affected driver performance and led to collisions. If you become injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver, as the plaintiff, it is your duty to prove that the driver’s distraction is what caused the collision. MEA Forensic says that distractions reduce driver performance and can be partially or completely responsible for the collision and the resulting damages. Our NJ distracted driving accident attorneys work with accident re-construction experts to strengthen your case and prove how the at-fault driver’s inattention caused the collision that led to your injuries.

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Proving that the driver who caused the crash that injured you was distracted at the time of the crash can be challenging to prove. Our skilled NJ distracted driving attorneys have won several large verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. We are seasoned lawyers with a firm commitment to be strong advocates and pursue justice in the form of fair compensation for every client.

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