Dashcams Highlight Dangers to Pedestrians

New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers discuss the high rate of pedestrian accidents in Ocean County, New Jersey. A delivery driver concerned about pedestrian safety took it upon himself to attach a dash cam to his vehicle to highlight the dangers pedestrians face in the New Jersey communities within Ocean County. The results of his experiment were shocking. The incidents he captured on tape occurred all over the county, mostly in the evening and nighttime hours. The victims were not restricted to one demographic subset as they were old, young, male, and female. He observed many close calls and accidents.

The pizza delivery driver compiled the video clips highlighting pedestrian incidents or close calls that he had recorded on his dashcam. He delivered pizzas in the communities of Toms River and Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The video itself is about eight minutes long and includes a shocking 34 instances of high-risk encounters between pedestrians and automobiles.

Between September 2017 and January 2018, 11 fatal pedestrian accidents occurred in Ocean County, New Jersey. The fatalities that occurred during this four-month span in Ocean County outnumbered the total of all pedestrian fatalities that occurred in eight counties in the state. In 2017, there were 13 pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities in Ocean County.

Spreading Safety Awareness

Moved by the persuasive public service effect of the video compilation, the Toms River Police Department shared it on their Facebook page. A police spokesman urged everyone in the area to watch the video.  He noted that many pedestrians are walking out in the roadway outside of crosswalks. Pedestrians should never assume that a driver can see them.  Drivers often do not expect to see pedestrians in the road, even when they are in a crosswalk. Pedestrians should also never assume that because they have a walk signal, they can safely walk out into the street without looking.

The end of the video is tragic. In the final minutes, you see the police investigating the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident that occurred in November 2017. The police, along with the Ocean County prosecutor’s office, have come forward to try and raise awareness about the ongoing safety issue in the community.

Drivers Should Also Be Mindful

Pedestrians are not the only parties who need to be cautious. Drivers have a duty to drive safely. Drivers should be even more cautious at night, when it can be difficult to see pedestrians. Too many drivers are texting and driving, which can increase one’s risk of striking a pedestrian. By taking your eyes off the road to look at a text, a car can travel the entire length of a football field. Drivers should stay alert, avoid cell phone use, and slow down.

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