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Anyone who has ever spent a day or night in a hospital recognizes that the lion’s share of the medical care is carried out by licensed and registered nurses. Most nurses are caring, considerate and provide excellent care, however, there are exceptions to this. Hospitals are often so understaffed with qualified nurses that double shifts are the norm, placing the patient at risk of injury because of increased nurse fatigue and errors.

Injuries Caused by Nursing Errors Is Medical Malpractice

A nurse’s responsibilities often extend into areas that many patients believe should be within the responsibilities of the physician. Nurses administer prescriptions, set up pain IV drips and medication, give shots and oversee the nutritional needs and general care of the patient. In addition, nurses are responsible for accurately charting activities regarding patient treatment and care.

Any mistake by a member of the nursing staff at a hospital, which leads to increased injury to a patient, means the individual nurse and the hospital may be held liable for medical negligence. If you have been injured because of an error made by a nurse in a New Jersey hospital or medical clinic, talk to New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP. We hold hospitals and medical professionals accountable for meeting the accepted standard of care in our state.

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