Laparoscopic Surgery

Representing Clients Injured During Laparoscopic Surgery, New Jersey

Laparoscopic surgery has its definite advantages and disadvantages. Its biggest advantage is that it is less invasive than other types of surgery. Performed with small instruments and a camera that allows doctors to view the surgical site on a TV monitor, this type of surgery requires only tiny incisions. When this type of surgery is done correctly, it can even seem like a miracle that a Fallopian tube can be tied or a polyp removed without cutting open a patient’s body.

A disadvantage of laparoscopic surgery, however, is that it requires a high degree of skill. Damage to nerves, muscles and blood vessels can be the result of laparoscopic surgery performed by a non-expert. Examples of surgery injuries and errors resulting from inexperience have included:

  • Bile duct injuries
  • Bowel and intestine perforation
  • Failing to remove all malignant matter in cancer surgery
  • Sepsis resulting from perforated organs

A negative outcome after laparoscopic surgery is not proof of malpractice. However, it is wise to have your case reviewed by an experienced NJ medical malpractice lawyer. You may require additional surgery or miss more time off work because of a laparoscopic surgeon’s error.

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