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More than half the babies born in the United States every year develop jaundice shortly after birth.* Jaundice is the result of a buildup of a metabolic waste product called bilirubin in the tissues. In most jaundiced babies, hyperbilirubinemia is easily remedied through medical steps. If not diagnosed and treated early, bilirubin can build up to a dangerous level and travel through the blood stream to reach the brain, where it results in a form of brain damage known as kernicterus. Some of the dangerous medical symptoms of kernicterus include excessive sleepiness, decreased muscle tone, muscle contortions and high fever, if left unchecked.

During pregnancy, there are diagnostic screening procedures available to detect whether a baby has a high probability of developing kernicterus. Following birth, hospitals should test the baby for appropriate levels of bilirubin. Failing to properly screen for possible problems associated with bilirubin, or failing to properly treat hyperbilirubinemia may be considered medical negligence, if the baby develops serious injury or brain damage.

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