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New Jersey Birth Injury Lawyers

Undiagnosed or Mismanaged Preeclampsia

A primary reason for the recommendation that pregnant women have ongoing prenatal care throughout pregnancy is so that obstetricians can catch risk factors and take action to mitigate risk. Whether a baby has a congenital defect or a pregnant mother has a problematic medical condition, the OB-GYN should diagnose detectable problems and respond appropriately. Accepted standards of prenatal care include screening expectant mothers for preeclampsia. This disorder is characterized by elevated blood pressure and proteinuria after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Appropriate treatments and precautions can prevent maternal death and birth defects caused by lack of oxygen to the fetus. Failure to address preeclampsia, on the other hand, may amount to medical malpractice.

Did Your Doctor Fail To Diagnose Or Respond To Your High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy?

There is no single test for preeclampsia, but experienced obstetrician-gynecologists have the knowledge necessary to detect it through screening methods such as blood pressure readings, urine tests and ultrasounds. Once a doctor has identified the condition in a pregnant woman, the doctor should continue to monitor both the mother’s and the fetus’s health closely throughout the rest of pregnancy. Should your OB-GYN have detected your preeclampsia, informed you of it and taken actions to prevent harm to you and your baby? Did he or she ignore the condition, on the other hand?

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