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Legislation for Self-Driving Cars Unanimously Passed by HouseThe House passed legislation that exempts self-driving cars from safety regulations on Wednesday. In the bill, federal regulators will determine the performance standards of self-driving cars. While the technology is being developed, up to 100,000 of autonomous vehicles would be exempt from following safety standards per year. After a unanimous vote, the legislation will now be going to the Senate for consideration.

According to the legislation, the Transportation Department would be required to create rules about how self-driving cars and traditional vehicles would share the road. Other aspects of the vehicles like sensors, software, and car-to-person interactions must be worked out as well. Manufacturers must develop cybersecurity plans for how to handle cyberattacks, and ensure that owners’ personal information is safe from those attacks, too. Within two years, the Transportation Department must develop safety assessment criteria for manufacturers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) must create equipment that sounds an alarm for drivers to check their back seats after the vehicle stops, which officials hope will prevent unexpected child and animal fatalities.

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